* Included in Moldplus V11.3 Standard Licence.
**Included in Moldplus V11.3 Professional license (also includes all features from basic license).

***Requires the Moldplus 5axis Toolkit Professional license.

Mastercam Mill and Mastercam Curve/Drill 5axis Toolpath licenses required to generate the Drill and Curve 5axis paths


Moldplus 5-Axis Toolkit

V11.3 AVAILABLE FOR MASTERCAM 2020, 2019 and 2018

Powerful tools for surface analysis and geometry preparation for 3 to 5-axis machining.

1-click surface normal setting, part extension, radius analysis and powerful 5-axis curve and vector creation utlities.

  • Create 5-axis curves and tilt vectors and manipulate the tilt vectors with superior ease and speed.
    *NEW* Create point paths by creating quick points and vectors (fully editable and tiltable) for 5axis drilling operations. Instantly create the Mastercam 5axis drill toolpath from these paths!!!

    *NEW* Create Swarf paths by creating curves and vectors along the wall angles (fully editable and tiltable). Instantly create the Mastercam Curve 5axis toolpath using the curves and vectors from these paths!!!***

    Identify collisions with custom or standard tooling and rotate vectors out of collision with blinding speed!
    Move curves and vectors relative to manufacturing requirements with easy graphical tools!**

  • Seperate inner and outer shell faces independent of plane direction!*
  • Instant drive and check surface selector for machining*
  • watch video>> Check/Drive Surface Selector Video

    • Instant Radius analysis to identify and isolate user defined radii!*

    • Automatically close gaps between trimmed surfaces in 1-click!*
    • Manipulate the UV direction of surfaces by rotation or flipping them!*
    • Create stock blocks from large parts using powerful graphical tools!*

    • 1-click part extension tool (with tangent and draft faces) for 5-axis trimming or pattern making**

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