Key Features:

- Optimal Electrode geometry selection.
- Optimal electrode stock selection and placement.
- Collision detection between electrode holder and part.
- Electrode insertion preview.
- Automatic electrode surface extensions to build strong electrodes.
- Easy copy and transformation of electrodes.
- Electrode preparation tools for machining.
- HTML documentation report with electrode manufacturing and burn details.
- Generate machine specific output with burn locations.
- Powerful untrimming tools of open and closed surface areas.
- Complex surface patching tools between independent surfaces.
- Manipulate surface trim boundaries to heal or optimize surfaces.
- Surface extensions creation for Vacuum forming tools.

Moldplus Professional

Moldplus Professional offers a complete set of modeling tools for clients creating electrodes, vacuum forming tools and any part model that requires surface correction or manipulation.

More enhancements! Increased productivity! Electrode Maker has even more powerful tools to create electrodes that are optimal for manufacturing. Several powerful new tools for trimming and un-trimming that allow for surface fills between independent surfaces and a trim editor that allows for manipulation of the trimmed surface boundaries.

In addition to the tools offered in the Moldplus Standard product, the following tools are available:

Electrode Maker
- Improved interface to select geometry and create electrodes
- Preview selected stock before inserting electrode
- Create chamfers on stock at any desired corner
- Multi-step electrode extensions in 1 click (tangential, draft, junction plane and angle and fillet) to build strong machine-able electrodes for single or multiple geometry selections
- Copy and XForm created electrodes to new locations to optimize electrode creation
- Create output file with machining data for electrode machine

With 1 click, create electrodes with multiple extensions!
Electrode geometry prior to creating extensions.
Create tangential or ruled junction surfaces by clicking on surface edges to connect them!
With an additional click, create all the surface extentions for the electrode geometry.
  • Wizard interface and detailed Electrode Job Setup parameters
  • Automatic creation of standard electrode forms (flat, round, square), including the type of material (copper or graphite) and holder (3R or EROWA standards)
  • One click selection of depressions or bosses which typically define an electrode
  • Automatic selection of the standard electrodes relative to the selected geometry in order of minimal stock needed
  • Automatic placement in absolute coordinates of the standard electrode with a preview of the electrode insertion
  • Angular insertion of electrodes to minimize rough stock use
  • Automatic collision detection between the electrode holder and the part
  • Automatic electrode surface extensions (tangential, draft, etc) to build strong electrodes for machining and burning
  • Copy and transform created electrodes to new locations to burn identical electrodes
  • Save the standard electrode with geometry to be machined to a level in the file and/or a separate file for easy management.
  • Easy preparation of electrodes (properly orienting the electrode by rotation\transformation, etc) for machining.
  • Generate HTML Shop Floor documentation reports on all electrodes created with images and information relevant to burn location, electrode dimensions / etc.
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Modify Surface Trims

- Superior surface un-trimming tools to split or fill complex cuts with 1-click!
- Create junction surfaces as tangential or ruled surfaces between surfaces that do not share a common base surface with 2 clicks!
- New Surface Trim Editor that allows you to manipulate the boundaries of trim surfaces! Easily extend, shorten or insert cuts within trimmed surfaces!

Select Surface to edit node points of trim. Dynamically drag the surface trim node point. Modified trim boundary of trimmed surface.


Using the Junction surface tool, fill complex holes with tangential or ruled surfaces between independent surfaces with a few cliks!

  Fill holes on the door with a few clicks. (Red Surfaces)


AVAILABLE FOR MASTERCAM 2021, 2020 and 2019

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